Aubre Andrus

Aubre Andrus

Freelance Writer for Tech & Travel.

Aubre Andrus is a Chicago-based author and writer whose clients include American Girl, National Geographic Traveler, WIRED, and Mashable. Follow her on Twitter @aubreandrus.

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5 Simple Tips to Digitize and Organize Old Photos

How far back do your Facebook albums go? If you were one of the service's first users in 2004, you were probably still printing pictures at the convenience store — or using Snapfish, if you were tech-...

5 Ways Writers Can Break Out of the Tired Old Social Media Box ...

Aubre Andrus approached overused social networks as if she’d never heard of them. You could say she wrote her own chapter on social media marketing. Here's how.

8 Romantic Subscription Services to Spice Up Your Valentine's Day

8 Romantic Subscription Services to Spice Up Your V...

A Warm Willkommen in Columbus

Ohio’s often underappreciated capital city celebrates its bicentennial this year. One of Columbus’s longest standing—and most welcoming—pockets lies just south of downtown: German Village. Settled by ...

How to Spend Only 10 Minutes Per Day on Twitter

How to Spend Only 10 Minutes Per Day on Twitter

The 15 Hottest Dating Sites on the Market

Online dating is so much more than and eHarmony. With the rise of photo apps like Tinder, it’s clear there are much quicker and quirkier ways to find your better half.

7 Ways to Deal With A-Hole Facebook Fans

Social media managers know what’s up — with thousands of fans on a Facebook Page, there’s bound to be at least one who ruins the fun for everyone. He shoots down every post, is the first to call out a typo, and loves incorporating profanities into even his most positive comments.

This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Productivity

Even the most organized person feels like sounding the alarm once the holidays roll around. Between family traditions, parties, work, and your never-ending DVR list, it's a wonder you can make it through this time of year without having a panic attack. Now add holiday shopping to that list. Are you sweating yet?

8 Digital Tools for Your Perfect Wedding Day

Brides are no strangers to technology. From finely ...

Which ___ Are You? Quiz Book by Aubre Andrus

Which kind of cupcake matches your unique personality? If you were a video game, which kind would you be? Which country is just where you belong? The fun and funny quizzes in this book will help to reveal your true feelings and talents. The topics are silly, but after just a few quizzes you'll have a better understanding of which kind of girl you really are.

The Truth About Online Gifting and Greeting Over the Holidays | The ...

From digital gift cards to electronic greeting cards to online invitations, how far can you go when it comes to a digitizing your holidays? Based on research conducted this year, the answer is “far.”

4 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Mac

Nobody likes the spinning pinwheel, the rainbow wheel or the Beach Ball of Death. Whatever you call it, you know it’s not a good sign.
Luckily there are simple steps you can take to speed up old relia...

How Digital Is Affecting Your Local Coffee Shop | The Mozy Blog

Coffee shop frequenters who pay with plastic don’t often throw a bit extra toward their favorite barista. They have no cash on hand. In fact, only 27% of point-of-sale purchases were made with cash in 2011, according to a report by Javelin Strategy & Research, and that number is dropping every year...

5 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your PC