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5 coworking spaces perfect for digital nomads who like to travel

In order to be most productive, remote workers know that an "official” workspace is a worthy investment. The coworking space boom has made that choice a lot easier to make. But as a freelancer myself, I can’t commit to the idea of showing up to the same office every day. Isn’t avoiding monotony one of the reasons why I went into freelance in the first place?

Well, there’s good news for those who are looking for a dedicated workspace but who don’t want to stick with the same office day in and day out. A handful of "ClassPass for coworking apps" have arrived, providing remote workers with access to a plethora of shared workspaces at a monthly rate. Some are even more affordable than signing directly with a space. Commitment-phobes unite!

Working mom article

What it takes to set up a successful coworking space with childcare

It didn't take long for Diana Rothschild to realize working from home with a newborn baby wasn't going to work.

"She cried when I was on an important call and the client asked, 'Do you have to go?' and I didn't have to," she says. Her mom was watching her daughter in the other room.

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How to Spend Only 10 Minutes Per Day on Twitter

The No. 1 complaint from businesses new to social media is: “I just don’t have time.” What these people don’t realize is that social media doesn’t always require a huge commitment, especially Twitter.

Generation z social practices 01 article

Gen Z vs Gen Y and Social Media

Enough talk about millennials. Let’s talk about Generation Z, loosely defined as anyone born since 1995. Are these younger counterparts of Gen Y really worth all the recent hype?

At one quarter of the population (and growing), Gen Z represents $44 billion in annual purchasing power in the US, according to a study by ad agency sparks & honey—which, for marketers, is definitely not something to ignore.

Regardless of whether Gen Z is your target audience, understanding this group’s social media habits—and how they differ from those of the much-touted millennial demographic—is essential to positioning your brand for long-term success. Here’s what you need to know to keep current.

5 min animal bffs article

Aubre Andrus' Books on Amazon

I'm a children's book author with 10+ non-fiction books published by Scholastic, American Girl, and more.

8 social media questions 011 article

8 Common Social Media Marketing Questions | Sprout Social

There’s no such thing as a dumb question, so don’t be shy. Even the most experienced social media strategists return to the same basic issues. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned vet, the answers to these common questions are a nice reminder to get back to the basics. To build the right following, you have to start with a solid foundation.

Restaurant bar guide 01 article

Bars & Restaurants Social Media Guide

Your restaurant or bar has a social media presence even if you didn’t create it. Your customers are Tweeting, posting to Facebook, uploading Instagram photos, writing Foursquare Tips and publishing Yelp reviews. And now Google is even predicting how busy your restaurant or bar is at any given time using location data.
Whether your online presence is official or not, people are paying attention to it. Today more people are crowdsourcing opinions before making decisions—especially millennials, who are expected to inject an additional $6 billion into the restaurant industry in the years to come.

Theoffice article

Shared office spaces are now productive hubs for freelancers and creatives, too

When you think of a coworking space, images of a buzzing office shared by tech startups come to mind. But freelancers, contractors and consultants are as entrepreneurial as any startup founder and want to carve out a place for themselves in this work environment too. These "solopreneurs" are looking to get out of the house and into a creative space with a solid community, perhaps even more than their empire-building counterparts.

However, the high cost and membership requirements of many popular coworking spaces can prevent solopreneurs from joining. And so the coffee shop circuit continues for remote workers and solitary creatives like authors, designers, developers and photographers.

Instagram followers that matter 01 article

How to Gain Followers on Instagram That Matter

70 million photos are posted to Instagram every day by 300 million monthly users, according to the photo-sharing app. That’s a lot of noise to cut through and a lot of competition to go up against. But with 2.5 billion likes daily, there is more than enough engagement to go around. You just need to find the perfect slice of the pie.
Instagram has been touted as the next big network for brands. The image-heavy, link-free feed is unique in some ways and the same in others. If your followers don’t engage with your content, they’re worth nothing to you—and that can be said about any social network, Instagram included. But there are some Instagram-specific tips for finding followers that care about your brand.

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How Freelancers Make Money and Tell Stories With Snapchat

When the announcement came late last year that Instagram was now bigger than Twitter, as reported by CNBC, those who once scoffed at the photo-focused network started jumping on board. But as usual, there’s already another up-and-comer ready to take the spotlight: Snapchat.

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The Content Strategist

10 Key Things Marketers Need to know About Snapchat's Discover

“This is not social media.” So says Snapchat’s end of January blog post announcing the launch of the app’s newest feature, Discover. They’re right—the news platform is a far cry from the social media beginnings of the increasingly valuable app.

Night office article

10 Places Moonlighting Entrepreneurs Love to Burn the Midnight Oil

Call it a side business, a second shift, or a night job. For entrepreneurs with a typical nine to five — whether that's as a student or a full-time employee — moonlighting is a challenge. Not only are moonlighters launching a startup after traditional work hours and often on little sleep, but they're also building a dream without a dedicated office space.

Digital marketing authors article

10 Quick and Easy Digital Marketing Tools for Authors

Regardless of whether you're self-published or have a Big 5 publisher behind your book, all authors are doing the same thing: promoting themselves and their book. While marketing takes away time from what we authors do best — writing — it's a necessary evil.

Crowdfunding article

5 Experienced Crowdfunders Share Their Best Campaign Advice

Running a successful crowdfunding campaign feels a bit like winning the lottery. The results are all over the board: instant successes, slow and steady fundraisers, unfunded flops, and underdogs that rise to the challenge just in the knick of time. But all of these campaigns have one thing in common: Success or failure, they were learning experiences.

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5 Ways Writers Can Break Out of the Tired Old Social Media Box

Aubre Andrus approached overused social networks as if she’d never heard of them. You could say she wrote her own chapter on social media marketing. Here's how.