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Bored No More: Quiz Book: Aubre Andrus: 9781609580391 ...

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A year of slumber parties article

A Year of Slumber Parties [American Girl]

From January to December, every month is an opportunity for the sleepover of your dreams! From a Stars & Stripes Carnival to a Pumpkin Palooza party, we've got step-by-step ideas for each and every month of the year. All parties feature decorating ideas, fun games, crafts, delicious recipes, and more.

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Math + Fashion = Fun [American Girl]

Aubre Andrus (Author). 4.8 out of 5 stars. Join Isabel and her friends from Innerstar University as they give your math skills an arithmetic makeover. Packed with all kinds of puzzles and problems geared toward the stylish girl, this book gives you creative ways to add, subtract, multiply, and divide your way to a good time.

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I [heart] Art! [American Girl]

From doodling sketches to making masterpieces and everything in between, this book is just what you need to pump up your creativity and learn about all things art. Join Neely and the other Innerstar University guides as they teach you about artistic styles, show you how to draw faces, set the stage for fashion design, help you create a collage, and so much more. Open the book and you're on your way to being an instant artist!